St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Saint John, NB

Welcome to our community

The Greek Community was established around Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church. Saint Nicholas being the Protector of the Seafarers, it was an appropriate name for the City Port Church, to begin its Mission. The corner stone for the building of the Church was laid in May of 1952 and completed in August of the same year.

The President at that time was John Coulouris who donated the land for the building. Other members of the Executive Council were, Vice Harry Stevenson, Treasurer Alex Demerson, Trustees, Alex Nicholas and George Pitsos with Secretary being George Maniatis who is still a member of the Community.

The President of the Greek Ladies Society was Mary Stevenson assisted by Lorrie Pitsos and B. Nicholas as Treasurer. The Ladies baked goods and sold them at the City Market and the Greek business made donations to be able to build the Church, while they sent money through the War Relief efforts to help people at their homeland.

The Community was organized later when the first Priest, Rev. Arkadios Iviritis arrived in 1976. He also organized and taught the Greek School language and the young Community members learned to speak Greek and enjoyed practicing Greek Dances.

Many Greeks passed through the City of Saint John, but around 70 families remain today. When they arrived they established small business but some worked for the railroads or logging.

The UNB attracted few Professors at the Fredericton Campus and some other businessmen comprise of the Greek Community in Fredericton who attend Church Services regularly. Few business people as well, established themselves in Moncton and sporadically couple of families in Bathurst and Minto. George Vlassis was the pioneer in publishing the history of the Greek in this area in 1953, followed by Professor G. Thomas in Halifax. Of course the Church of Saint Nicholas being the only Orthodox Church in N.B. is attended also by Orthodox of other nationalities. The current Priest Rev. Theodore Efthimiadis serves two other Greek Communities in the Maritimes, Glace Bay and St. John's N.L.

Today, a new generation of successful Greeks have taken charges of the work that their parents established and the Church is at the process of being renovated and expanded to facilitate the needs of its members. The small Community is self sustained and it has a Community Center on Union Street as well as, Greek School and dancing lessons. The Church offers Religious Services, Sunday School class and Religious studies. Through out the years, many individuals worked sacrificially as Trustees, Board Members, Teachers and members of the Philoptochos Ladies and we thank them.